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Become Well.

SanctuaryWEST: Wellness Education for Self-Transformation

Join us. Become Well.
Help our community to heal.
And uplift the vibration of the world as a result.

We are entering a new era. Its been coming the past fifty years, but now we are in it. Flushed with hope, the confusion and chaos of a cosmic moving-day. Upheaval and change and endings and old stories littering the ground at our feet. How do we move on? How do we make sense of it all? The many technical difficulties. The deaths that are so recent, with many more to come. The challenges of weather, food, survival, and corporate greed. The death of old philosophies and ways of being that seemed just fine before.

But that was before. This is different. We have the opportunity to shape our world anew. To save ourselves from ourselves. To do more than simply survive as the world crumbles and dies around us. It is a time of hope. Of communities pulling together in new ways. It is a time to remember the past, and learn from where weve been so that we never have to go there again. New energy floods into us. I hope we use it well:

We will garden. All of us, again. We will begin to treat water as a precious Source of Life that is not to be wasted on green unused lawns and thousand-gallon swimming pools and leaky pipes and washing away the traces of our pollution. Where exactly is away? The whole world is a small place now. The oceans no longer hide our mistakes.

Those with healing gifts have new strength, and new challenges. Purity of intention, thoughtfulness, and a giving heart one who brings these to the table now receives greater rewards than the past 3,000 years have seen. Those who live and act out of fear well, everywhere there is more to frighten them. Everything is changing. The veils are lifting. They are being left behind. We move forward now with hope. With love. With compassion. With stark truth, and with deepening respect for the power of Mother Earth to create change when the stress of Her childrens bad behavior gets to be too much.

Do not spend your time on https://www.and6.com/ because this is an exciting time. A powerful time. A good time to be your best self NOW. The world grows impatient with our delays. We used to make bootstraps out of leather, but good leather is expensive now. Then, we used canvas, but it went in and out of style so quickly that we couldnt really keep up. And cotton, too, is getting expensive. Next were plastic, nylon, mesh. But if you pull too hard, they break. Pulling on those bootstraps doesnt get you anywhere after a while. Cheap stuff for us, expensive for Mother Earth.

If you want to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps now What will they be made of next?

Be Well. Learn to love the life you live.

I told them to go shining


Ive just finished reading The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel by Evelyn Eaton (Mahadyuni). It overwhelmed me, and made me a bit teary-eyed. The story of a life. Humble, powerful, beautiful. And at the end of the book, she said things that I want said at my end-day. Things I want to remember so I can say them to honor those who go before me.

Its made me think, too, about the way that all our wise thoughts and important moments, our new philosophy, our records and our journey forward are now kept on little metal data chips where only someone with a computer and a wireless connection can read them. The records we hold of the distant past are only the things that were once recorded in stone. What will be left of us when we go? All I can think of are the R+L initials and hearts carved in stones along the freeway. The names of gangs. Swear words. What else do we carve in stone these days? Tombstones, I suppose. War memorials. Memories of death, but not of life. Not of how we got here.

So here is what Edith said. Back in 1980-something. Back when she had won still a little more time to be a Grandmother to the living here on Earth, won yet another bit of breathing space from the cancer committee. Back when she was a Medicine Woman, teacher of the Medicine Wheel. A Metis. A healer. A small boat on a large ocean of being.


Ive been planning to deep-clean my apartment for MONTHS now. I set aside a whole weekend Labor Day weekend to do it. (By the way, this is not the first weekend Ive set aside for this purpose.) And here we are, nearly dinnertime on Monday, and all Ive done is make pizza and work on some new business cards. Oh, and come up with a new email address. And I cleaned out the cat box (it isnt even my cat!!). And I think I might need a nap.

Sigh Sometimes we avoid things because they really arent the right thing for us to do, however much we try to convince ourselves that THIS is really what we want. You tell yourself that you really SHOULD take that free workshop downtown. All you have to do is register for it, and show up. And you do want to learn more about whatever-it-is. Really. You do. Really. But you never sign up, and then you realize that you only felt the workshop was important because you knew it would make your mother proud. Or the guy you have a crush on likes those things. Or whatever it was that had nothing to do with your true interests. So you just never had any real energy around taking time to register, and now its too late. You arent even that sad, really.

But today? Today Im avoiding housecleaning because I DONT WANT TO DO IT. And considering the state of my apartment, thats just not a valid excuse anymore. This place needs cleaning. And putting away. And folding. And dusting. And recycling taken to the recycle center. And a few other things, too. It needs these things badly.

So whyisit that even when I KNOW irrefutably KNOW that cleaning my apartment is in my best interests I still cant make myself do it?! I mean. Seriously. Im writing a BLOG about not cleaning my apartment, people. There is something really wrong about that.

How hard are you working in order to avoid doing something else?
Happy Labor Day.


SanctuaryHave you noticed the way that all the Energy is speeding up? I mean, it started to be noticeable almost a year ago, then a couple of months ago it really picked up, and the whole speeding up just keeps SPEEDING UP!!! And now three weeks have passed, but I could swear Ive done three months of healing and personal work in that time. I was truly shocked to realize its only been three weeks. Its all a little wild and crazy these days.

In fact, Ive had to laugh because so many people (me included) are having more than the usual technology glitches. Its like technology can no longer keep up with the rate of change with the Energy flowing through and around. And since technology is built on a very delicate interplay of energy and metal bits and conduits etc Well, its like trying to filter an ocean waive with a hand-held sieve. Our technology is just getting swamped! And because I know why, its actually kinda cool.

And its good Energy! Its exciting that so much more is possible now, and that healers and seers have more to work with, more immediate energy available and its stronger. Of course, this does mess with our ability to sense the timing of things it ALL feels immediate! Plus the unhappy, negative, hurtful elements are becoming more desperate. I think they see their power slipping away, and so they try to get it back with their traditional tools fear, pain, betrayal, isolation tactics, anger, etc. But thats the old way. The new way is about walking in Beauty. Compassion, respect, sharing, trusting, personal responsibility and personal strength.

And Im excited. Im relieved. Good things are happening, and the waiting is over. Remember what we dwell on in our minds is where were putting our energy. Its important to hold positive and hopeful thoughts in your mind. To be part of the solution, and to understand that a solution has many parts all working together in their own special ways. To say loving, honest, respectful things to yourself and your family and your community. Its important to remember that each day holds new hope because each day is new.

Be Well.