SanctuaryHave you noticed the way that all the Energy is speeding up? I mean, it started to be noticeable almost a year ago, then a couple of months ago it really picked up, and the whole speeding up just keeps SPEEDING UP!!! And now three weeks have passed, but I could swear Ive done three months of healing and personal work in that time. I was truly shocked to realize its only been three weeks. Its all a little wild and crazy these days.

In fact, Ive had to laugh because so many people (me included) are having more than the usual technology glitches. Its like technology can no longer keep up with the rate of change with the Energy flowing through and around. And since technology is built on a very delicate interplay of energy and metal bits and conduits etc Well, its like trying to filter an ocean waive with a hand-held sieve. Our technology is just getting swamped! And because I know why, its actually kinda cool.

And its good Energy! Its exciting that so much more is possible now, and that healers and seers have more to work with, more immediate energy available and its stronger. Of course, this does mess with our ability to sense the timing of things it ALL feels immediate! Plus the unhappy, negative, hurtful elements are becoming more desperate. I think they see their power slipping away, and so they try to get it back with their traditional tools fear, pain, betrayal, isolation tactics, anger, etc. But thats the old way. The new way is about walking in Beauty. Compassion, respect, sharing, trusting, personal responsibility and personal strength.

And Im excited. Im relieved. Good things are happening, and the waiting is over. Remember what we dwell on in our minds is where were putting our energy. Its important to hold positive and hopeful thoughts in your mind. To be part of the solution, and to understand that a solution has many parts all working together in their own special ways. To say loving, honest, respectful things to yourself and your family and your community. Its important to remember that each day holds new hope because each day is new.

Be Well.